– The discrete charm of the rose in black

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March 15, 2017

The Metanoa Rose learns a thing every day by communicating to its admirers – „Dark flowers must be admired.“ – was part of the inspiring essay by Emanuela Evtimova, age 24 from Sofia, Bulgaria in the section of “You are the Author”.

We would like to share her message with all of you:

„How much can the nature offer to us. It is generous, every thing is visible. Dark nuances are rear, thus so memorable. Passion is black, the red not always describe it so well. Hardly anything more loving than the black rose.

It knows no sorrow. It stands far from despair. The impossible becomes possible with it, no matter the circumstances which may create tension in a couple. If the black rose is the mistress, the black rose is the faithful loving partner. One can always trust it. It is awlays there for you and there is no obstacle which may make her lose her divine perfume.

In the garden it’s a queen. Her courtiers always bow in front of her. Her power well strengthened by time, and the effort to love and be loved a innate feature of her dark nature. An accent around which everything in the world spins.

The complete articleo of may be found  here

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