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Welcome to Metanoa De La Rose Russia!
March 15, 2017

The METANOA rose was one more time recognized by one of its numerous admirers – “Love between Rose and Wine ♥ Black and Red by Metanoa de la Rose. Stendal would have tried it…

This is the heading of the article in Web Stage about the Metanoa rose.

Metanoa decided to choose a passionate combination combining red wine and black rose in one, in their new special collection  „BLACK and RED”. Love is a Black Rose, and the wine is Syrah & Merlo 2013 , made by one of the best oenologists in the world – the French Michel Rolland.” – write from Web Stage.

Love, Art and masterpieces written with passion – this is the basis of the new beautiful Set of Metanoa, containing the black-and-red combination of wine and rose. And should you be looking for a stylish and utterly artistic way to show you emotions, we are positive it will be difficult for you to find something more appropriate than the “Black and Red”!

The entire essay article of Web Stage in red and black can be read here

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