Lepa Brena – the legendary Serbian singer amazed by the black rose

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March 15, 2017

Lepa Brena – the legendary Serbian singer amazed by the black rose

The woman who performed the popular Serbian song “Yo are my sin received a gift – a Black rose, during her stay at Sofia yesterday.
This is the second Serbian popstar after Indira Radich, who ha the pleasure to get to know the flavour of black roses. Delighted with the long life of the rose, Lepa Brena shared :

If this rose lives not from watering but from loving, mine will definitely lasts a whole year, not just 6 months”.

An embodiment of femine attitude and high spirit, Lepa Brena teaches us only being present how to live here and now and not postpone your plans and dreams for tomorrow.  She teaches us the most beautiful things take time but the miraculous happen instantly in the blink of an eye.

“As a sunny beam in the blue sky, as a colourful rainbow after rainy day, as a pretty smile in tears, as a secret look only for you”.

Literally and sincerely amazed by the black rose existence, the Serbian popstar shared also –

“This is not a rose but a real jewel”.

In the eve of St Valentine’s day the METANOA Team wishes the singer to remain in love with Life itself , in dreams and in music, and let the black rose remind her that there truly are no impossible things as long as we are surrounded by the Miracle of Love.


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