The famous Bulgarian singer Azis sends black roses to friends

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March 15, 2017

Metanoa de la rose became a favorite celebrity rose posts Weekend newspaper

Here’s another title about Metanoa –

” The famous Bulgarian singer Azis liked the black roses so much he began to send them to friends”.

“… The King Of Roses liked so much the luxury flowers that he filled his house with them and even sent a few gifts to his closest friends. He was impressed when he was told that these roses can withstand six months without water. The singer decided to check whether this is true, and left a few bunches totally dry. For days they still remained fresh. But is it really true they donot fade in the months – at least at the home of Slavea of Kostinbrod, it has not been proved. These days the singer left for his next participation in Turkey. Before leaving, he ordered his household not to pour water in the vases with black roses so that they don’t fail him in his experiment. ”

The whole team of Metanoa is waiting for the outcome of the experiment. And to our favorite Slavei we wish his success is paved with evergreen black roses and fragrant future.

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