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March 15, 2017

Art is a secret, a mystery of imagination that cannot be deciphered for a lifetime

“Glass is a magical material and its transformation using the glassblowing technique can only be compared with the Phoenix reincarnation from the ashes.”


ANDREEVA is a third generation artist. A glassblowing sculptor and the only woman in Bulgaria who creates and teaches this technique for processing in higher education institutions. Her dissertation is presented in the Centro Studi del Vetro library in Venice. In October 2017, she was awarded the Trophee Jean-Charles Hachet Grand Prix Europeen d’Art Contemporain in Paris – an award once given to Cesar as well.

Anastasia graduated the National Academy of Arts in Glass and Porcelain and Metal profiles, but she says with a smile that the explosion in her work and career is due to the talent and inspiring energy of love in the face of her companion in art and life – Dr. Shpeizman.


“I’m not one of those artists fond of sending messages to people. Just my inner world is stronger than me and sometimes it is visible through my works. If people find any messages in my works and listen to them, it makes me happy because it means I’m not alone in my concerns, desires and dreams.” – A. Andreeva.


– a combination of two seemingly incompatible materials. For Anastasia, they are the embodiment of spirit and matter, they complement each other and, like love, their integrity forms the endlessness. Through this combination, Anastasia has created some of her most popular works of the Infamy series, part of the permanent collections of glass museums in Coburg, Germany and Ebeltoft, Denmark. Glass is a substance that, regardless of its state, gives to the form an incredible inner energy and beauty, and the artist faces the challenge to find the way to speak out its own language.


Claude Debussy once said that art is the biggest delusion of everything, the only delusion that creates real emotions. A lie that creates truth. And once we indulge in this delusion, it becomes a magic. The art of life consists in balancing the things we want to give to ourselves and those we want to give to our loved ones and to the world (our gift to the universe).

“Metanoa de la Rose inspired me to create the accent in the design of the UNIVERSE perfume. Each globe is created through the innovative combination of glass and metal and is a small universe, unique in its kind, without replica or analog. Because art is transient, just like the stars on the sky and the Black Rose. “




“I created the oval mini-worlds from blown glass combined with metal – a copper accent that produces the acronym Metanoa and “floats” in the Universe as a golden companion messenger. Anyone should find it in its own micro universe.”

To make each globe, Dichroic glass is used – glass, which shows different colors of the rainbow palette depending on the light. The process starts by blowing a small base balloon around which the remaining components are woven and carefully forged with tools, which has been the same for two millennia.

Tools used to create each sphere:

Pippa – a stainless steel pipe that winds the glass and blows the balloon through it.

Pointy – A steel rod use to roll the form on it in order to shape the end to which it was previously attached to the pippa.

Block – a wooden ladle, which can be of different diameter, for final shaping of the volume.

Gravity and heat are the key factors for the glass form creation. The glass mass wound around the pippa is rotated constantly to preserve the symmetry, and unless it has the right temperature, the shape cannot be modeled – just as in creating a new world.

“We are the art for which the art we are”


Your Black Rose Metanoa


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