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March 15, 2017

“The time you spent over your rose makes it so important..” – Antoan Exupery


March is here with all its female whims and advantages, loving, surprising, cool with the last grips of winter, warm with the first embrace of the spring.

The woman is the wine of love, and the rose is her filled with aspirations secretive heart. Life may not always follow the poetic nuances but till the beginning of time love and wine has always been an inseparable couple. They are the sweet fiesta of youth, the reaped old times and the sweetness of life.Wine without love is sour and love is thirsty of its scarlet dips.

The intoxicating mix of wine, love and roses attract themselves together and love one another. They are the perfect duo in which the aroma and the aserb sweatness want each other badly – just as if a couple in love. Wine is red and love is a black rose. She is a sexy temptation and it is the worthy end. Red passion and a dark mystical night.

The combination of black and white is classical and their exciting relationship lives in many literature works. Stendal and his Masterpiece work “Black and Red” is still up-to-date with its thoughts about the fight between high ambition and low moral, between passion and the plans of mind. “Love is the only currency where one pays with the coins it mints” shares the skillful expert in human relationship, thinking that women would always prefer feelings to reason.


Henri Matisse, The Red Studio, 1911

The deep connection between black and red is also visible in the great canvasses of the painter Mark Rotko. „Black In Deep Red”, „Light Red Over Black” and  „Black Over Reds Black on Red” made in 1957 are a small part of the vast collection of the American master of abstract expressionism. Many of his unframed masterpieces are inspired by the legendary painting of Henry Matisse „The Red Studio”, which are fascinating with their mysterious intimacy. Mark Rotko dreams of painting wonders that will be lasting in time – and put the stress on the most intimate – the human relationships.  The red as a bleeding wound, fire dawn and scorching passion fighting with the back abyss of non-sense, two colours dancing dramatically in the momentum paining of Rotko.

Metanoa decided to count on this passionate combination mixing wine and love into one special collection for its fans “Black and Red”. Love is a black rose and the wine is Sirah & Merlo 2013, made by on the best oenologists in the world, Michael Rolland.

When love pours like wine tempting with its rose aroma we toast to women and beauty! And we wish that Stendal was here to take a sip…

“Drunk man is shortly drunk and sobers up, but a man in love is drunk till death. ” – SAADI, “Gyulestan – the Rose Garden”


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