It is called Metanoa, from the ancient Greek - Μετάνοια – means the chance to see something in a completely different way, to transform one’s vision and mind, to discover an entire new world existing within and around – a world one has always supposed was there but could never be quite certain. Much like the Black Rose... You knew it existed, you’ve heard of it so many times, someone’s just told you and... yes, here it stands before your eyes! Metanoa.

I am Alexandra...

I chose the Black Rose because it actually transformed my world. It is a real, living dzen koan. Much like running into a pink elephant in the street or a blue swan in the bathtub... And for all I know it teaches me that you should really take care of those things you appreciate in life instead of harming them. Just as love, it somehow always appears to be out of this world, even though the entire Divine plan is entwined with it.

A man told me once that if you perceive beauty as creative energy, then certainly one day what you've created will multiply your heart on a thousand places.

To give a black rose - out of love, gratitude, hope, out of respect, acknoledgement or an excuse... These are the little heart victories, the victories of spirit and will, which are a good reason to wake up every morning.

Today my heart send to me a shooting star with the wish that Metanoa de la Rose will continue to be a symbol of the victory of the soul over the ego. Because the only kingdom, which makes the man a king, is the kingdom of his own soul. And the sole power, worthy enough, is th epower to make a better world, giving out a part of ourselves!

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A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…

The year 1913. This verse of Gertrude Stein in her poem Sacred Emily is repeated as a mantra, as а slogan. An epitaph, both of the writer herself and the whole of intellectual Europe during the inter-war period. Upon appearing in the collection Geography and Play, this sentence imposed a clear boundary between the conflicting worlds of War and Love. Between trade and creativity, politics and pure affection. The choice of becoming cool-headed or selflessly brave-hearted. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose… It bears a meaning, a deep essence, a heavenly flash of inspiration.

Today, the mission of the Metanoa Black Rose is to conquer one’s world and shatter one’s each and every notion. It is a way to put that subtle line between the days of hard endeavour and the sweet nights of reaping its fruits. And moreover, it is a way to pledge one’s passion, one’s special attitude of appreciation towards the person it is presented as a gift to.

The Black Rose is a mission. It unites death and love. Just like the slain Osiris and Christ rose again in love, the Black Metanoa Rose rose up from the ashes of the volcano, as if it had to remind us that some things still existed beyond our notion of time, space, natural order or the laws of physics.

For all we know there is something more out there, and here it is - present today - with us. Around us. One breath, an unseen flagrance in the dark – the Black Rose.


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