April 14, 2018

Love is a Black rose. Alexandra Mikova about the story of Metanoa.

Alexandra Mikova “Love is a Black rose. Because it is super rare, exceptional and an outworldly thing “~ Alexandra Mikova […]
April 14, 2018


Art is a secret, a mystery of imagination that cannot be deciphered for a lifetime “Glass is a magical material […]
April 14, 2018

Lilly Ivanova – Another popular star who received the Metanoa rose

Lilly Ivanova – Another popular star who received the Metanoa rose According to the legend, for centuries the Black rose […]
April 14, 2018

WebStage – Love is a Black rose because its exceptionally rare as if not from this world ~ Metanoa de la rose

Especially for Web Stage Alexandra Mikova tells her love story with the mystical Black rose From 12.02.2017 – Full Link […]
April 14, 2018

Metanoa is again on TV at “Coffee” with Galla where special guests were Lepa Brena and Azis – NOVA TV

The Metanoa rose was shown again on Television at  “Coffee” – the morning show with Galla and the special guests […]
April 14, 2018

WebStage – Love of Wine and Rose. Stendal would envy it…

“The time you spent over your rose makes it so important..” – Antoan Exupery   March is here with all […]
April 14, 2018 – Lux and roses in Marinela Hotel

On 9.11 /Wednesday/ in Marinela Hotel the Sofia business elite enjoyed a pleasurable new temptation created by Metanoa – the black […]
April 14, 2018 – The discrete charm of the rose in black

The Metanoa Rose learns a thing every day by communicating to its admirers – „Dark flowers must be admired.“ – was […]
April 14, 2018

In the focus of the new online magazine Web Stage – Tales of love and wine

The METANOA rose was one more time recognized by one of its numerous admirers – “Love between Rose and Wine ♥ […]
April 14, 2018

The Cherry of All Flowers

The Cherry of All Flowers – The Black METANOA Rose appeared mysteriously in the TV show “The Cherry on the Top” […]
April 14, 2018

Lepa Brena – the legendary Serbian singer amazed by the black rose

Lepa Brena – the legendary Serbian singer amazed by the black rose The woman who performed the popular Serbian song […]
April 14, 2018

Roses as a gift to the Miss Playmate 2017 finalists

On February 2nd 2017  became clear who are the girls selected as finalists in the ‘fatal’ Miss Playmate 2017, celebrating its 13-th anniversary together with the Black Rose. […]
April 14, 2018

Sub rosa dictum – „Told under the rose“

Sub rosa dictum – „Told under the rose“, this is how in ancient times the shared secrret was called An […]
April 14, 2018

The famous Bulgarian singer Azis sends black roses to friends

Metanoa de la rose became a favorite celebrity rose posts Weekend newspaper Here’s another title about Metanoa – ” The […]
April 14, 2018

Rose for Miss Bulgaria 2016

One swallow does not make the summer, goes the saying… We do believe that with every bird comes summer, with […]
April 14, 2018

Slavi Trifonov also received a Black Rose gift

The popular Serbian singer Indira Radic surprised the Bulgarian showman and producer Slavi Trifonov with a… black rose One of […]
April 14, 2018

METANOA – The Black Rose in Bulgaria

Having the title “Queen of Flowers” the Black Rose is one of the most popular symbols with which you may pledge your pure […]
March 15, 2017

Welcome to Metanoa De La Rose Russia!

Welcome to Metanoa De La Rose in Russia! Metanoa De La Rose came to Russia! Welcome to our new website […]