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November 10, 2018
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May 6, 2019
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BLACK BRILLIANCE – The Gift for Women as fierce as Nature’s Elements


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BLACK BRILLIANCE – The Gift for Women as fierce as Nature’s Elements

The night gives a shine to the stars and also to women, and the Black Diamond is the falling star, sparking up the eternal glow in her eyes …

“A flash of lightning, the sheen of a sword and gleam of a woman’s eyes: three deceptions. Because the lightning is high up into the sky, the sword may stop its dash, and the woman doesn’t want to slash with her gaze, but to love. But everyone is afraid … And – the third one is the most terrible … A flash of lightning, the sheen of a sword and gleam of a woman’s eyes: the three ways of the heart. And – the third is the quietest.”

The woman, who’s as fierce as Nature’s Elements, leads and inspires, bewilders and maddens. She is a muse and a disaster. She is a quiet spring, a hot summer, a sad autumn, and a wise winter. It’s your Four Seasons of Love. Love as the water, that seeks the sea. Love as the time, that searches for a meaning. Love like everything that was and will ever be.

When a man loves such an open-eyed woman, with all her mornings, with all fields, forests, springs and birds, he understands, that he still didn’t show her enough love.

Metanoa created Black Brilliance – a gift that speaks the language of the female soul. The black diamond’s glow meets the magic of the Black Rose. And as Night brings brilliance to the stars, Black Brilliance brings brilliance to the women. Because the Woman, who is as fierce as Nature’s Elements, is the Northern Lights, waiting for the man, in whose heart she will read:

“I will never try to alter your colors or subdue your light. When YOU shine, my world shines…”


★ Earrings 14 ct white gold, a rose with a black diamond 0.075ct for a piece of black diamond (for a pair – 0.15 ct black diamonds);
★ Quality Certificate;
★ Black Rose METANOA..

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