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Black Luxury – A Masterpiece for Two


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Black Luxury

Black Luxury – The Perfect Gift for a wedding, jubilee or an anniversary.


The epitaplasms, Epithalamion from ancient Greek, are antique wedding songs dedicated to the bride and the bridegroom. Family is one of natures’s masterpieces.
A successful marriage means falling in love many times with the same person. As where there’s love, there will be life. Love doesn’t make the world spin, but it is by far what makes our journey well worth it.
Metanoa once more created a masterpiece – The Black Luxury, just like a wedding song in a luxury box, like ‘epithalamion’, telling the story of two people falling in love. It encourages us to celebrate together every family moment! The Black Rose , a bottle of Prosecco and two glasses, symbolizing the eternal truth that „ This world is made for two” A couple who, only together, can create a place of warmth, tenderness, understanding and protection for themselves, turning into the whole universe for one another.

Just like the Black Rose Metanoa can live up to 6 months, more than every other rose out there, the same way a couple bonded by happy marriage have their own way of measuring time. Only two people, a man and a woman who love each other that much, can feel time in reality, sensing every moment and second of it. Like Black Roses- the man would be absorbed by the moment and the woman would be looking for its continuation. The connection they share turns them into a sand watch measuring the moments of Life.

All sensual delights have a transient shine like a comet, each happy marriage – the serenity of a beautiful sunset. At the very spot where the comet has met the sunset, the Black Luxury by Metanoa de la Rose has been born.

Life is hanging on a rope between a couple.
Be alone on this rope – you hang on the gallows.
Stay together on the rope – and you have a connection.

Marriage is not a noun. It’s a verb. It’s not something you receive. It’s something you create. In the name of this bond of two, the whole world is ready to give, to donate… Ultimately, the love you receive is equal to the love you give.

„And we drank. And danced. And sang.
We married the people.
We wished them familly happiness.
We shooted with a double-barelled gun.”

And they stood shy,
Solemn and silent
And thrilled by the human attraction
Under the table they caressed their hands.

„….And strong, very strong we hugged one each other.
And with one kiss we married.”

And That simple was your beauty!
And that happy and strong we were!
And rang, and rang our hearts
Like bells in the bell tower!

This is how the beautiful songs start.
And this is how the love starts.
Like a magic and great predecessor!…

And let the beauty be scary!
And let the happines be hard.
We need a happiness born in battle.

Not bigger than a human heart.
And not smaller than the universe!

Extract from „Epithalamion”

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