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May 1, 2018
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December 8, 2018
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BLACK OCEAN – An Ocean of Black Roses

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An Ocean of Black Roses

When luxury, abundance and aroma speak the same language, BLACK OCEAN is born – a Shangri-La Gift, which reminds us of the lost horizon to Heaven. Because the path to the heart of the woman and the road to Heaven are the same destination, beyond an Ocean of Black Roses.

What are the classic ingredients of Heaven?

First, it is very difficult to reach. Because what will Heaven be if everyone can simply get to it by taxi.
Moreover, there must be a clear boundary between Heaven and the world of the ordinary, which only the souls of a few lucky can achieve. In other words, Heaven is a club for the chosen ones.
Black Ocean is the Gift for the Chosen Ones, too. For those Women-Goddesses who deserve not just much, but everything. For those women who are walking mysteries, invitations for happiness, because they bring the Heaven within themselves.
BLACK OCEAN is the front vision of their Heart, the Gift that will remind you of the long-lasting aroma that the Heaven is same thing as IT – the Love.
Happiness is a number. Choose your happy number between 9 and 25 and give an Ocean of Black Roses …

Every woman has four smiles.

The first smile is the involuntary one, which occurs without thinking. Like when you smile at a child on the street. The second smile is the polite smile – as when we invite friends to enter the door of our homes. The third smile is the one I use against others. For some women, the best smile is exactly the one, which keeps people at a distance. The fourth smile is the one we only give to our beloved. It is the one that says – you are the only one. No one gets this smile. No one but the one who is willing to give a sea of seductive dreams and an Ocean of Black Roses.

An OCEAN of 1001 emotions, called Our Life.

Be a good predecessor and leave a lasting trace in the heart of the people you love. And let the Black Roses Metanoa remind the person for whom they are forewarned, how special he is to you …

With every Gift box BLACK OCEAN you get a gift:

★ a hand-made Black vase METANOA.

And don’t forget ...

The quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.