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May 6, 2019
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Black & White, White wine and Black rose


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By Metanoa

IN-YAN A gift in which opposites attracts each other.
White wine, Black Rose and key to the balance between them …

Perfection is never in the extremes – black and white don’t always resemble good and bad. Life, such as music, is Balance. Harmony between male and female beginnings – the woman is a melody, the man is a rhythm. A Gift that combines white and black in an inspiring combination. The key to Happiness is not quantity or quality. The key to Happiness is in the balance!

“Apertae Musarum ianuae”, translated from Latin – The door to the muses is open – with a divine drink, the aroma of the Black Rose and the key to the freedom to experience the most perfect Today. We all have time machines inside us. Some took us back in time – they’re called “memories”. Others can take us forward – they’re called “dreams.” Where memories and dreams come together, BLACK & WHITE is born, and the white reminds us of the forgotten traditions of winemaking, and the Black of the Rose Metanoa – to be different and to celebrate today in the most inspiring way.

“Be a Wiseman and pour the wine. Life is short, let go of the distant hopes. Even when we talk to you, the time passes by mercilessly. Appreciate the moment, don’t believe in vain for tomorrow …”

The wine is Chardonnay, the Rose is Black, and with the key, you can’t lock any door but you can unlock every bottle. Just like with the people – there are thousands of ways to lock someone out and just one key to let him into your soul.

“I want three leaves of love –
white – to throw you on it,
even with black outlines …
black – to lock myself
with the other strokes of white….
gray – to remember
what will be after you … ”
– Jacques Prever


★ Chardonnay, harvest 2018, vinified in KVEVRI. Limited Edition created by Nikolay Dalakov especially for Metanoa
★ Corkscrew;
★ Black Rose METANOA..

Kvevri are ceramic vessels handmade of clay, used since ancient times to produce wine. From the time when glass and barrels haven’t been known, clay has been used to create pots for the world’s oldest beverage. A True, Traditional and Different Wine in the Age of High Technology. An unusual Chardonnay for connoisseurs of boutique pleasure.

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