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December 6, 2019
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Limited Christmas edition by Metanoa

To celebrate the best days of our lives,

Metanoa has created a limited edition “Celebrate Life” gift set. A Gift that leaves a lasting fingerprint in the lives of the people you truly love …

Love is our second name, and divine enjoyment of life is our second nature. The Black Muse Metanoa shares with you its inspiration with a gift in which WORDS matters. Because they are Metanoa’s legacy to LIFE, to him, to her, to them all, who know that time is the only thing we truly have. And let’s celebrate every TODAY and TOMORROW together because the most valuable thing in the world is invisible to the eyes …

The rose is Black, Wine is Red, Glasses for two, and the Words in the Legacy are the memory that remains forever …

Each “CELEBRATE LIFE” GIFT KIT by Metanoa contains INSPIRATION, carefully sealed in an envelope. It is what drives you to strive for something or someone. What makes you feel most fulfilled in life. Oxygen for the soul that you burn and fly with. Without inspiration, life is dull and boring. Ordinary. What did you create in your life not by obligation but by inspiration? What else is worth in this life other than flying through it burning?

And here is part of Metanoa’s Legacy, the inspiration of all inspirations, our muse for Life, for Love, the occasion to celebrate every day and tomorrow

“… Let everything happen. Don’t plan, don’t wait, BUT WANT. Do not search for yourself, allow people to come to you, and events to happen……


Don’t be afraid of anything. Never. The usual step to the right, make it a left – change, reshape. You can destroy the present moment by worrying about tomorrow……


…Have fun. Don’t take everything seriously. Take a look at yourself and accept the challenge as if it’s a game. You have nothing to lose, you’re just trying different things……


Be the Black Rose for the World – the one and only, the unique among the thousands of Reds.


Be Yourself!…”


★ Christmas Inspiration
★ Black Rose METANOA..

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