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December 26, 2020
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COEUR D’OR – Gift For the People with “Golden Hearts“


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COEUR D’OR – Gift For the People with “Golden Hearts“

by Metanoa

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

The word “courage” comes from the Latin “Cor”, which means “heart”. Anyone who has the courage to help another human being with all his heart has the courage to live with his whole soul.

There are people with whom when fate meets you, you learn not to ask questions whose answers you are not given to understand. Such people teach you to resign yourself and to love your human limitations. They teach you to strive to be the best within the limits of your ordinary human existence. Such a person has opened his heart and looks at the world through the eyes of a child, and we “educated” are left to be “stupid birds of the air“. Such a person knows the Anatomy of Love for Life… and the People… He keeps in his heart a map of his good deeds, and this map is what makes us remember him forever. And to be forever grateful to fate for meeting us with Him – the Man with a golden heart.

A person who believes in the good with all his heart can only be compared in poetry. Usually, big people, those with big hearts, are home to the souls of the little ones. Maybe because they have the courage for the question and the answer to every life situation in their heart.

What does such a person need?

“Let joy often come to him

and not to forget the child in myself …

Freedom – to be able to fly…

The other…

Yes, the rest is easy!”

For the People with “Golden Hearts“, Metanoa created a “COEUR D’OR” gift set, a gift that tells the story of your heart in two words:

“Thank you”

A good heart is stronger than any magic wand. The mind forgets, but my heart will always remember…


★ Champagne wine BAROQUE GOLD, EXTRA DRY, Geographic region: Venetto, Italy; Taste notes: delicate fruit bouquet with hints of apple and banana. Variety: Glera and other white varieties
★ 2 golden champagne glasses by Metanoa;
★ Black rose METANOA.

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