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April 14, 2018
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Dolce Vita Gift Set – Black Rose & Prosecco wine


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Dolce Vita Gift Set

By Metanoa de la rose

Where are you DOLCE VITA?

There’s a splendid Italian expression : L’arte d’arrangiarsi – the art of doing nothing. The art of transforming a dozen ordinary products into a feast or several friends gathered together – into a celebration. At the basis of this elegant and amazing skill of accomplishing happiness for oneself is ONE marvelous drink – PROSECCO!
You may not be able to speak Italian, but you certainly have the ability to speak a common language with the Prosecco. Ìetanoa de la Rose decided to satiate your thirst for Life. Have a bite of how the starts taste in a bottle of Prosecco, blended with the aroma of pleasure coming from our Black Rose. What hides in the tiny bubbles of this wine? We proudly say – a cluster of smiles and a good mood…
One Gift set, which gives you the chance to celebrate the simplest moments in live, by turning them into something very special. Open your eyes and senses for the tiny pleasurable things! Get dizzy from laughter and bubbles of joy. Be dazzled by the feeling of every Today and let yourself be in love with Life and loved by Life. Only one glass of bubbly Prosecco Metanoa wine and you immediately feel as if you are in a Felini’s movie, directing your life so that you start actually living within the scenes of La Dolce Vita.
PROSECCO SUPERIORE from the region of  Valdobbiadene is especially created fro Metanoa selection with the highest and finest status of the best Italian wine  – DOCG (controlled and guaranteed certificate of origin). Produced by the sort of Glera using the “Sharmat method, which results in the favourite fresh peachy Prosecco aroma.
And in order to make the astonishment even stronger, we added an extra artistic flavour, which you will ensure you’re getting the best taste of this moment!



Ancient scripts follow the origin of the Prosecco wine back to the  Pucinum or Pucino wines in the Roman Empire. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder describes it as one of the finest wines on the table of the Roman aristocrats, which they highly appreciated and thought it would help live longer. The first known mentioning of the word Prosecco comes from the Englishman F. Morrison. As he traveled in the northern parts of Italy in 1593 he tasted it and ranked it as one of the most popular native wines. It is produced by the grapes called “Glera”, which originated from a village called Prosecco near Triest, also known as PuccinoIn XVIII c. the cultivating of the Glera sort developed significantly, spreading to the lower regions of Veneto and Friuli.  Here is the place where the Prosecco appeared as we know it for the first time in 1868 created by the wine producer and chemist Antonio Karpene, who first started  mass production in bigger reservoirs instead of leaving the fermentation in small bottles.



Prosecco is made predominantly using the “Sharmat” method, where the secondary fermentation happens in bigger steel reservoirs. The wine makers decide the concentration of yeast within the wine, which naturally affects flavour. Good news of using Sharmat? Steel actually preserves some of the freshness and peachiness of the Glera sort.


The Metanoa Prosecco originates from the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and has the highest status of Italian wine – DOCG (controlled and guaranteed certificate of origin). 
Guaranteed and certified origin of Prosecco DOC covers the territory in the northern parts of Italy – Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giuli. It can be granted to sparkling wines (spumante), and less aerated (frizzante), as well as quiet (tranquillo) wines. Hierarchically the Prosecco divides into three levels, th elowest of which the Prosecco DOC with its two sub-entties Prosecco DOC Treviso (from Veneto) and Prosecco DOC Trieste (from Friuli).

Following it are the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG and Asolo Prosecco DOCG. The upper level is held by Rive and Cartizze, the latest consisting of only 107 dka. Cartizze comes from the highest steepest hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. This region, because of its specifics produces the highest quality grapes due to the combination of moderate climate and clay-sandy soil, southern steep slopes.


Do you know how many times the wire of the wine stopper has to be turned?  Exactly 6 and a half. The turns are just like the counting in the New year’s Eve and brings forward the  excitement of the coming moment.


What is the secret behind its glamorous bubbles? A blast of smiles and good mood.. While you’re drinking Prosecco, forget about all complicated wine descriptions, such as complexity, depth, extract levels… Prosecco is just like walking barefoot in the morning dew, diving into a mountain spring, have a bite of juicy peach and let her juices fall down your chin – another blast with every sip. Overuse is bad by default except the one with Prosecco …



First the opening, then the foam, bubbles grow, little but less sparkling, but in the end the most important is what taste it leaves in the mouth. The taste which leaves a memory, never lets you forget and always makes you want more.. The best season for it  – All year.
Celebrate each Today with the Black Rose and Metanoa Prosecco !
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