BLACK BRILLIANCE – The Gift for Women as fierce as Nature’s Elements
December 8, 2018
Black & White, White wine and Black rose
May 10, 2019
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My precious, ring with Black diamond


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The back diamond – eternal love isn’t bought, it is given

Should I tell you how the whole Earth is shaking with a nameless Love?

Far away in the 15th century the Duke Maximilian I of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary Burgundska as a sign of engagement. He placed it on the third finger of her left hand, which, according to the ancient Egyptians, has a vein leading directly to the heart. She accepted the offer, and so the legend of the engagement ring with a diamond was born. And because Love is not a cliche, you don’t need red roses and a white diamond to say I LOVE YOU!

Metanoa created MY PRECIOUS – one gift that speaks the language of the unique and the only Love. The eternity of the Black Diamond meets the magic of the Black Rose to bring the story of the One Ring intended for the One and Only Woman.

And I’m out of eternity – with gentleness, I rage endlessly.
And I’m out of wind – I breathe under fate’s wings.
And I’m passion – I carry the scent of the heart …
The only one. Most Precious. Your treasure. Love.

A ring is given for love, a ring is given for loyalty. The line of the ring has no end, as there should be no end to the aspiration of man and woman to each other. The legend tells that diamonds are created by the flames of love, and there was a black diamond at the top of each of Cupid’s arrows.

Do you have the courage to love her? Her life is a burning desert, every oasis in it is a mirage.

And as the kiss is the best way to find a common language, the Black Lord of the Rings is the best way to find a common future with the Woman of your heart. And because Courage is found in unexpected places, let Metanoa be the occasion to celebrate the best days of life, called Love.

Hello, Love! Live Love! Life, like Love, is only possible in one way – TOGETHER!


★ Ring 14 ct white gold, black diamond 1.00ct
★ Quality certificate;
★ Black Rose METANOA.
★ Black Rose METANOA –
★ Option for Marriage Proposal – Metanoa from the Greek “Μετάνοια” – means the thing that changes your way of thinking. We are different, unique and unforgettable. We tell the story of your heart without words, and sometimes we write the words too … We believe that each Love is like a fingerprint – different and unique. In order to create an unforgettable memory, it is first necessary to experience a unique moment. Tell us your Love Story and we will create Idea – Masterpiece with a marriage proposal that will be remembered for a long time …