Luxury Set of Black Roses
April 14, 2018
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Black Rose by Metanoa


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Black Rose by Metanoa

It is transcendent, exceptional and might even seem unworldly.

But actually it is right here. It truly exists, as rare as true love is. Every object in the light is seen to have a shadow. Only the Black Rose has two of them – both in space and time. For it is one of the most long-lasting flowers, which with a little care, may well be preserved for such a long time. Much like love, the Black Rose exists as long as one is determined to keep it alive.

The Black Metanoa roseis born in Africa.

It lives longer and grows more beautifully than any other flower.

With a little care and in normal conditions the Metanoa black roses remain in pristine state and with fresh aroma as long as  6 months and reminds of the person who chose it as his gift and how special he is. Very rare and unique, IT speaks the language every woman will understand.

“There is no other black than the Black”, says Yves Saint Laurent and there isn’t more enchanting flower than the Black Rose.

The Black Rose rises like a phoenix from the volcano ashes. As the love of Vishnu for Lakshmi, the Black Rose made out of its 108 large and 1008 small rose petals, combines nature’s creation and our artistic effort towards perfection.

The Metanoa Rose is NATURAL and needs the same care and attention as every other flowerOn the other hand, everything you need to do to maintain it is follow these simple rules:

Care & Preservation

1. Do not water the flower, as this will shorten its life cycle considerably.   
2. Limit the contact with the rose and it’s petals or leaves to minimum
3. Do not put in direct sunlightUV rays slowly but rapidly damage the rose tissues and lead to its premature withering


★ High quality fresh picked roses
★ 6 months life in a vase
★ No watering and no significant maintenance
★ Long lasting aroma

Be a Black rose in this world – one and only among thousands of red roses!

“I will not exist if you cannot imagine my existence.”

~by Your Metanoa Black Rose


By leaving a part of ourselves to anyone we meet.

“The flower giving out it’s scent, give out the best of itself…” ~ W. Shakespeare
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